Customizable Landing Pages

CustomizableCustomizable Landing Pages

I’ve been waiting for something exciting to share with you. Constant Contact now has customizable landing pages! This is a game-changer. If you need a hand creating one of these, please reach out. Here’s an example of my Song a Day offering. These landing pages have the ability to supercharge your previous sign-up form(s) and give you the power of a high-priced web designer! I’m excited to add these in for clients and as part of my marketing efforts.

When I sent out my monthly newsletter for friends and family, The Eleven, this Saturday, I was immediately reminded of one of the benefits of sending out a regular newsletter. Connection. I started hearing back from friends and family right away and the notes keep coming in. I think that’s one of the challenges of this time – how to stay connected with everyone when it’s not simply a matter of arranging an in-person meeting. The relationships that you’ve spent years developing are not only a potential line of support they may be what’s keeping your business afloat, as well. So, now is not the time to go silent.

Even if you can’t figure out exactly what the right thing to say is, it makes sense to reach out and remind people that you’re alive and thinking of them. Email newsletter open rates have actually climbed significantly in recent months. If you need encouragement, please get in touch and I’ll help you get started or keep you going!

Have a good week,

Albert Kaufman
Constant Contact has a New Look
Constant Contact has a New Look

Constant Contact Customizable Landing Pages

Custom Landing Pages give you the freedom to create a single-use webpage, with a clear goal and focused call-to-action, without having to maintain a full website.

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Text 2 Join

One way to build your list is using the Text2Join feature

Text 2 Join

Text Albert to 22828 to join my list

Give this a try and see what you think.  Then, add that into your own list-building mix.  You can make a sign; put it on your business card and get clever about how to use this process.  Enjoy! Get started here


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List Building Tricks

List Building Tricks

Happy New Year – I hope you’re looking forward to 2018. I got to bring in the new year at a music camp outside of Seattle – playing music; eating great food and turning off all contact with the outside world. I feel refreshed.
I wanted to share with you a couple “inside baseball” things that I’ve figured out about how to use Constant Contact and email marketing. If you need a hand with either of these (not everyone understands how to use Excel – I get that : ) – please shoot me an email.
  1. I download my entire contact list from time to time and sort the list by what lists a person is in. You may be surprised that some contacts are not on any list at all – I upload that group into whatever list they should belong to. I’m not sure how this happens, but I notice on my list that it does and I correct it from time to time.
  2. I also sort the list by first name and make sure everyone’s first names are capitalized. This is also a great opportunity to see if a contact does not have a first name in that field – if I can figure it out, I add it – if not, I move on 🙂 One way to add information about contacts is to send out a survey to your list from time to time and ask for information you might not have. This is also a great way to get a birthday email autoresponder going – I created a training video on this topic last month.
Again – welcome to 2018 – If I can help you in anyway, please let me know.
Albert Kaufman
PS – if you want to up your game – sending personalized direct mail via Send Out Cards , is easy and fun, too. 

Ed: Also sent this out on 2.20.18

How’s your email list building going? Given that email marketing continues beat out social media in terms of results – one way to success is to make sure that you’re building your email list, constantly. Here are 60 ways to do that. And, there are probably 60 more! One of my favorites is a fishbowl with a sign that says “put your business card in for our monthly drawing”. Then, there’s figuring out whether it makes sense to bring your friends and family into a newsletter just for them (yes!).
If you decide that this topic interests you and you’d like my help building your list – I’d be glad to work with you. This is a passion of mine and when I see list growth my sense is that the company, individual or non-profit is doing it right!
Don’t forget – there is also list attrition – peoples’ email addresses change; or they unsubscribe after a while. To make up for that adding new people into the mix is key.
Here’s to your success!
Albert Kaufman

Marketing Classes & Webinars


– here’s my recent webinar on Facebook groups – August 2021

See past recorded webinars here.

Do you need a marketing presenter for your next event? Please get in touch

I offer marketing classes and webinars. I teach digital marketing for small businesses and non-profits. I’m also available for consulting. Get in touch if you’d like a hand.

Here are some of the classes I offer:

  • A Morning of Social Media
    Back to Business: 60 Ways to Grow Your List
    Build Your Marketing Toolkit
    Build Your Outreach Toolkit
    Events & Registration
    Feedback and Surveys
    Getting Started with Email Marketing
    Getting Started with Social Campaigns
    Getting Started with Email Plus (all of the Constant Contact Tools)
    Grow Your Business with Email and Social Media
    Harness the Power of Mobile
    Holiday Offers & Promotions
    Look Great in The Inbox
    Making the Case for Mobile
    Measuring Your Marketing Reports & Analytics
    Newsletters and Announcements
    Offers & Promotions
    Social Media 101
    Social Media 102
    Social Media Timesavers
    Standout Subject Lines

  • Many of these can be seen as webinars – here

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